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nflfastR (development version)

  • Drop crayon, DT, httr, jsonlite, qs dependencies. (#453)
  • The function calculate_player_stats_def now returns season_type if argument weekly is set to TRUE for consistency with the other player stats functions. (#455)
  • The function missing_raw_pbp() now allows filtering by season. (#457)
  • More robust handling of player IDs in decode_player_ids(). (#458)
  • Fixed rare cases where the value of the yrdln variable didn’t equal "MID 50" at midfield. (#459)
  • Fixed rare cases where drive_start_yard_line missed the blank space between team name and yard line number. (#459)
  • Fixed play description in some 1999 and 2000 games where the string “D.Holland” replaced the kick distance. (#459)
  • Fixed a problem where the goal_to_go variable was FALSE in actual goal to go situations. (#460)
  • Fixed a bug in fixed_drive and fixed_drive_result where the second weather delay in 2023_13_ARI_PIT wasn’t identified correctly. (#461)
  • punter_player_id, and punter_player_name are filled for blocked punt attempts. (#463)

nflfastR 4.6.1

CRAN release: 2024-01-09

Thank you to @andrewtek, @gregalvi86, @Ic4ru5Wing, @JoeMarino2021, @jreddy1990, @marvin3FF, @mrcaseb, @RicShern, @SPNE, and @trivialfis for their questions, feedback, and contributions towards this release.

nflfastR 4.6.0

CRAN release: 2023-10-20

New Features

  • nflfastR now fully supports loading raw pbp data from local file system. The best way to use this feature is to set options("nflfastR.raw_directory" = {"your/local/directory"}). Alternatively, both build_nflfastR_pbp() and fast_scraper() support the argument dir which defaults to the above option. (#423)
  • Added the new function save_raw_pbp() which efficiently downloads raw play-by-play data and saves it to the local file system. This serves as a helper to setup the system for faster play-by-play parsing via the above functionality. (#423)
  • Added the new function missing_raw_pbp() that computes a vector of game IDs missing in the local raw play-by-play directory. (#423)

Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

  • The internal function get_pbp_nfl() now uses ifelse() instead of dplyr::if_else() to handle some null-checking, fixes bug found in 2022_21_CIN_KC match.
  • The function calculate_player_stats() now summarises target share and air yards share correctly when called with argument weekly = FALSE (#413)
  • The function calculate_player_stats() now returns the opponent team when called with argument weekly = TRUE (#414)
  • The function calculate_player_stats_def() no longer errors when small subsets of pbp data are missing stats. (#415)
  • The function calculate_series_conversion_rates() no longer returns NA values if a small subset of pbp data is missing series on offense or defense. (#417)
  • fixed_drive now correctly increments on plays where posteam lost a fumble but remains posteam because defteam also lost a fumble during the same play. (#419)
  • nflfastR now fixes missing drive number counts in raw pbp data in order to provide accurate drive information. (#420)
  • nflfastR now returns correct kick_distance on all punts and kickoffs. (#422)
  • Decode player IDs in 2023 pbp. (#425)
  • Drop the pseudo plays TV Timeout and Two-Minute Warning. (#426)
  • Fix posteam on kickoffs and PATs following a defensive TD in 2023+ pbp. (#427)
  • calculate_player_stats() no more counts lost fumbles on plays where a player fumbles, a team mate recovers and then loses a fumble to the defense. (#431)
  • The variables passer, receiver, and rusher no more return NA on “abnormal” plays - like direct snaps, aborted snaps, laterals etc. - that resulted in a penalty. (#435)

Thank you to @903124, @ak47twq, @andrewtek, @darkhark, @dennisbrookner, @marvin3FF, @mistakia, @mrcaseb, @nicholasmendoza22, @rickstarblazer, @RileyJohnson22, and @tanho63 for their questions, feedback, and contributions towards this release.

nflfastR 4.5.1

CRAN release: 2022-12-22

  • New implementation of tests to be able to identify breaking changes in reverse dependencies (#396, #406)
  • calculate_standings() no more freezes when computing standings from schedules where some games are missing results, i.e. upcoming games.
  • Bug fix that caused problems with upcoming dplyr and tidyselect updates that weren’t reverse compatible.
  • Significant performance improvements of internal functions. (#402)
  • Wrap examples in try() to avoid CRAN problems. (#404)
  • Fixed a bug where calculate_standings() wasn’t able to handle nflverse pbp data. (#404)

nflfastR 4.5.0

CRAN release: 2022-11-05

New (experimental) functions

Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

nflfastR 4.4.0

CRAN release: 2022-08-06

New Functions, Options, Data

  • Added new function calculate_standings() that computes regular season division standings and playoff seeds from nflverse data.
  • The database function update_db() now supports the option “nflfastR.dbdirectory” which can be used to set the directory of the nflfastR pbp database globally and independent of any project structure or working directories.
  • The embedded data frame ?teams_colors_logos has been updated to reflect the most recent team color themes and gained additional variables for conference and division as well as logo urls to the conference and league logos. (#290)
  • The embedded data frame ?teams_colors_logos has been updated with the Washington Commanders. (#312)


  • The argument qs in the functions load_pbp() and load_player_stats() has been deprecated as of nflfastR 4.3.0. This release removes the argument entirely.

Bugfixes and Minor Improvements

  • Fixed bug where a player could be duplicated in calculate_player_stats() in very rare cases caused by plays with laterals. (#289)
  • Fixed a bug where the function add_xpass() failed when called with an empty data frame. (#296)
  • Fixed a bug where play_type showed no_play on plays with penalties that don’t result in a replay of the down. (#277, #281)
  • Fixed a bug in the variable descriptions of total_home_score and total_away_score. (#300)
  • fast_scraper_rosters() and fast_scraper_schedules() now call nflreadr::load_rosters() and nflreadr::load_schedules() under the hood (#304)
  • Fixed a bug causing missing EPA on game-ending turnovers in overtime
  • Bump minimum nflreadr version to 1.2.0 for data repository change
  • Fix a bug affecting yardline for a very small number of plays in the 2000 season (#323)
  • update_db() now uses a default play to predefine column types for all db drivers. (#324)
  • Fix a bug that resulted in incorrect xyac_mean_yardage on 4th downs (#327)
  • Fix a bug that resulted in missing xyac information for plays involving J.O’Shaughnessy (#329)
  • Fix a bug that resulted in missing epa on the last play of some games involving NE and BUF (#331)
  • fast_scraper() and build_nflfastR_pbp() now return data frames of class nflverse_data to be consistent with nflreadr.
  • Fix behavior of EP model in neutral site games (treats both teams as away teams)

nflfastR 4.3.0

CRAN release: 2021-10-06

Minor Changes

  • Add nflreadr to dependecies and drop lubridate and magrittr dependency
  • The functions load_pbp() and load_player_stats() now call nflreadr::load_pbp() and nflreadr::load_player_stats() respectively. Therefore the argument qs has been deprecated in both functions. It will be removed in a future release. Running load_player_stats() without any argument will now return player stats of the current season only (the default in nflreadr).
  • The deprecated arguments source and pp in the functions fast_scraper_*() and build_nflfastR_pbp() have been removed
  • Added the variables racr (“Receiver Air Conversion Ratio”), target_share, air_yards_share, wopr (“Weighted Opportunity Rating”) and pacr (“Passing Air Conversion Ratio”) to the output of calculate_player_stats()
  • Added the function report() which will be used by the maintainers to help users debug their problems (#274).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor bug in the console output of update_db()
  • Fix for a handful of missing receiver names (#270)
  • Fixed bug with missing return_team on interception return touchdowns (#275)
  • Fixed a rare bug where an internal object wasn’t predefined (#272)

nflfastR 4.2.0

CRAN release: 2021-08-03

  • All wpa variables are NA on end game line
  • All wp variables are 0, 0.5, 1, or NA on end game line
  • Fix bug where win prob on PATs assumed a PAT placed at 15 yard line, even in older seasons
  • The function decode_player_ids() now really decodes the new variable fantasy_id (#229)
  • Fixed a bug that caused slightly differing wp values depending on the first game in the data set (#183)
  • Edited GitHub references to point to nflverse
  • Added the variables sack_yards, sack_fumbles, rushing_fumbles and receiving_fumbles to the output of the function calculate_player_stats(), thanks to Mike Filicicchia (@TheMathNinja). (#239)
  • Fixed a bug where calculate_player_stats() falsely counted lost fumbles on aborted snaps (#238)
  • Added the variable season_type to the output of calculate_player_stats() and load_player_stats() in preparation of the extended Regular Season starting in 2021 (#240)
  • Updated season_type definitions in preparation of the extended Regular Season starting in 2021 (#242)
  • Fix for fixed_drive where it wasn’t incrementing when there was a muffed punt followed by timeout (#244)
  • Fix for fixed_drive where it wasn’t incrementing following an interception with the intercepting player then losing a fumble (#247)
  • Fix for more issues with missing play info in 2018_01_ATL_PHI (#246)
  • Added the variables safety_player_name and safety_player_id to the play-by-play data (#252)
  • Dropped the dependency usethis

nflfastR 4.1.0

CRAN release: 2021-03-23

Breaking changes


  • Added the function calculate_player_stats() that aggregates official passing, rushing, and receiving stats either at game level or overall
  • Added the function load_player_stats() that loads weekly player stats from 1999 to the most recent season
  • The performance of the functions add_xyac() and clean_pbp() has been significantly improved

New Variables

  • Added the new columns td_player_name and td_player_id to clearly identify the player who scored a touchdown (this is especially helpful for plays with multiple fumbles or laterals resulting in a touchdown)
  • The function calculate_player_stats() now adds the variable dakota, the epa + cpoe composite, for players with minimum 5 pass attempts.
  • Added column home_opening_kickoff to clean_pbp()
  • Added the variables sack_player_id, sack_player_name, half_sack_1_player_id, half_sack_1_player_name, half_sack_2_player_id and half_sack_2_player_name who identify players that recorded sacks (or half sacks). Also updated the description of the variables qb_hit_1_player_id, qb_hit_1_player_name, qb_hit_2_player_id and qb_hit_2_player_name to make more clear that they did not record a sack. (#180)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • The variable qb_scramble was incomplete for the 2005 season because of missing scramble indicators in the play description. This has been mostly fixed courtesy of charting data from Football Outsiders (with thanks to Aaron Schatz!). Some notes on this fix: Weeks 1-16 are based on charting. Weeks 17-21 are guesses (basically every QB run except those that were a) a loss, b) no gain, or c) on 3/4 down with 1-2 to go). Plays nullified by penalty are not included.
  • Change name, id, rusher, and rusher_id to be the player charged with the fumble on aborted snaps when the QB is unable to make a play (i.e. pass, sack, or scramble) (#162)
  • The function clean_pbp() now standardizes the team name columns tackle_with_assist_*_team
  • Fix bug in drive that was causing incorrect overtime win probabilities (#194)
  • Fixed a bug where posteam was not NA on end of quarter 2 (or end of quarter 4 in overtime games) causing wrong values for fixed_drive, fixed_drive_result, series and series_result
  • Fixed a bug where fixed_drive and series were falsely incrementing on kickoffs recovered by the kicking team or on defensive touchdowns followed by timeouts
  • Fixed a bug where fixed_drive and series were falsely incrementing on muffed punts recovered by the punting team for a touchdown
  • Fixed a bug where add_xpass() crashed when ran with data already including xpass variables.
  • Fixed a bug in epa when a safety is scored by the team beginning the play in possession of the ball (#186)
  • Fix some bugs related to David and Duke Johnson on the Texans in 2020 (#163)
  • Fix yet another bug related to correctly identifying possession team on kickoffs nullified by penalty (#199)
  • Fixed a bug where calculate_player_stats() forgot to clean player names by using their IDs
  • Fixed a bug where special teams touchdowns were missing in the output of calculate_player_stats() (#203)
  • Fixed for some old Jaguars games where the wrong team was awarded points for safeties and kickoff return TDs (#209)
  • The function update_db() no more falsely closes a database connection provided by the argument db_connection (#210)
  • Fixed a bug where yards_gained was missing yardage on plays with laterals. (#216)
  • Fixed a bug where there were stats wrongly given on a play with penalty (#218)
  • fixed_drive now increments properly on onside kick recoveries (#215)
  • fixed_drive no longer counts a muffed kickoff as a one-play drive on its own (#217)
  • fixed_drive now properly increments after a safety (#219)
  • Improved parser for penalty_type and updated the description of the variable to make more clear it’s the first penalty that happened on a play. (#223)

nflfastR 4.0.0

CRAN release: 2021-02-15

Breaking changes

Changed Functions

New Functions and Variables

  • Added the new function load_pbp() that loads complete seasons into memory for fast access of the play-by-play data.
  • Added the new variables rushing_yards, lateral_rushing_yards, passing_yards, receiving_yards, lateral_receiving_yards to fix an old bug where yards_gained gets overwritten on plays with laterals (#115).
  • Added columns vegas_wpa and vegas_home_wpa which contain Win Probability Added from the spread-adjusted WP model
  • Added column out_of_bounds
  • Added columns fantasy, fantasy_id, fantasy_player_name, and fantasy_player_id that indicate the rusher or receiver on the play
  • Added columns tackle_with_assist, tackle_with_assist_1_player_id, tackle_with_assist_1_player_name, tackle_with_assist_1_team, tackle_with_assist_2_player_id, tackle_with_assist_2_player_name, tackle_with_assist_2_team

Models and Miscellaneous

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fix bug where fixed_drive and series weren’t updating after muffed punt (#144)
  • Fix bug induced by fixing the above (#149)
  • Fix bug where some special teams plays were incorrectly being labeled as pass plays (#125)
  • Fix bug where points for safeties were given to the defteam instead of the posteam (#152)
  • Fix bug where a muffed punt TD was given to the wrong team in a 2011 Jaguars game (#154)
  • Win probability is now calculated prior to PAT attempts rather than using WP on the ensuing kickoff
  • Improved performance of internal functions that speed up the rebuilding process in update_db() (added qs and curl to dependencies)
  • Fixed a bug where calculate_expected_points() and calculate_win_probability() duplicated some existing variables instead of replacing them (#170)
  • Fixed a bug where penalty_type wasn’t "no_play" although it should have been (#172)
  • Fixed a bug where penalty_team could be incorrect in games of the Jaguars in the seasons 2011 - 2015 (#174)
  • Fixed a bug related to the calculation of epa on plays before a failed pass interference challenge in a few 2019 games (#175)
  • Fixed a bug related to lots of fields with NA on offsetting penalties (#44)
  • Fixed a bug in epa when possession team changes at end of 1st or 3rd quarter (#182)
  • Fixed a bug where various functions have left open connections
  • vegas_wp is now NA on final line since there is no possession team

nflfastR 3.2.0

CRAN release: 2020-11-20


  • Performance update for win probability model with point spread (vegas_wp)
  • Added yardline_100 as an input to both win probability models (not having it included was an oversight)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug where series was increased on PATs
  • Fixed a bug affecting the week 10 Raiders-Broncos game
  • Added the column team_wordmark - which contains URLs to the team’s wordmarks - to the included data frame ?teams_colors_logos

nflfastR 3.1.1

CRAN release: 2020-10-22

New features

Database Function update_db()

  • The argument force_rebuild of the function update_db() is now of hybrid type. It can rebuild the play by play data table either for the whole nflfastR era (with force_rebuild = TRUE) or just for specified seasons (e.g. force_rebuild = 2019:2020). The latter is intended to be used for running seasons because the NFL fixes bugs in the play by play data during the week and we recommend to rebuild the current season every Thursday.
  • Fixed a bug where update_db() disconnected the connection to a database provided by the argument db_connection (#102)
  • Fixed a bug where update_db() didn’t build a fresh database without providing the argument force_rebuild
  • update_db() no longer removes the complete data table when a numeric argument force_rebuild is passed but only removes the rows within the table (#109)

New Functions

  • Added the new function build_nflfastR_pbp(), a convenient wrapper around multiple nflfastR functions for an easy creation of the nflfastR play-by-play data set
  • Added a function that applies our experimental expected pass model, add_xpass(), that creates columns xpass and pass_oe

Minor improvements and fixes

  • More fixes for fixed_drive which was not incrementing properly on drives that began following a timeout
  • Fixed more bugs in EPA and win probability on PATs and kickoffs with penalties
  • Fixed a bug where scoring probabilities weren’t adding to 1 on field goal attempts near the end of a half
  • Messages to the user are now created with the new dependency usethis
  • Fixed bug where plays with “backward pass” in play description were counted as pass plays (pass = 1)
  • Fixed missing kick distance on touchbacks and blocked punts (#53)
  • Added the option fast (either TRUE or FALSE) to the function decode_player_ids() to activate the high efficient C++ decoder of the package gsisdecoder

nflfastR 3.0.0

CRAN release: 2020-09-24

Breaking changes

New features

  • Add option source = "old" to fast_scraper() to enable scraping of old source. This is mostly useless as it doesn’t work for 2020 and provides less info
  • Added new option db_connection to update_db() to allow advanced users to use other DBI drivers, such as RMariaDB::MariaDB(), RPostgres::Postgres() or odbc::odbc() (please see dbplyr for more information)

Minor improvements and fixes

  • clean_pbp() now fixes some bugs in jersey numbers
  • clean_pbp(), add_qb_epa() and add_xyac() can now handle empty data frames
  • Fix empty line causing fast_scraper() to fail (affects multiple games of the 2020 season)
  • Fix bug in fixed_drive that counted PAT after defensive TD as its own drive
  • Fixed a bug which caused too high number of tackles in special cases
  • Fixed a bug where CPOE was NA when targeting players with apostrophe in last name

nflfastR 2.2.1

CRAN release: 2020-09-01

  • Fix add_xyac() breaking with some old packages
  • Fix add_xyac() and add_qb_epa() calculations being wrong for some failed 4th downs
  • Updated Readme with ep and cp model plots
  • Updated vignette("examples") with the new add_xyac() function
  • Added xYAC model to vignette("nflfastR-models")
  • Added variables fixed_drive and fixed_drive_result to the output of fast_scraper() because the NFL-provided drive info is extremely buggy
  • Added variable series_result
  • clean_pbp() now adds 4 new variables passer_jersey_number, rusher_jersey_number, receiver_jersey_number and jersey_number. These can be used to join rosters.
  • Fixed incorrect timeout_team, return_team, fumble_recovery_1_team for JAX games from 2011-2015
  • Re-trained EPA model with fixed_drive and corrections to timeout_team

nflfastR 2.2.0

  • New function add_xyac() which adds the following columns associated with expected yards after the catch (xYAC): xyac_epa, xyac_success, xyac_fd, xyac_mean_yardage, xyac_median_yardage

nflfastR 2.1.3

  • Fixed a bug in series_success caused by bad drive information provided by NFL

nflfastR 2.1.2

  • Added the following columns that are available 2011 and later: special_teams_play, st_play_type, time_of_day, and order_sequence
  • Added old_game_id column (useful for merging to external data that still uses this ID: format is YYYYMMDDxx)
  • The clean_pbp() function now adds an aborted_play column
  • Fixed a bug where pass plays with a penalty at end of play were classified as play_type = no_play rather than pass
  • Fixed bug where EPA on defensive 2 point return was -0.95 instead of -2.95
  • Fixed some remaining failed challenge plays that incorrectly had 0 for EPA
  • Updated the included dataframe teams_colors_logos for the interim name of the ‘Washington Football Team’ and the corresponding logo urls.
  • Some internal code improvements causing the required tidyselect version to be >= 1.1.0

nflfastR 2.1.1


  • clean_pbp() now standardizes player IDs across the old (1999-2010) and new (2011+) data sources. Player IDs once again uniquely identify players, and each unique player has one unique ID (as they did before the NFL data source change):
    • For players whose careers finished before 2011, their IDs remain the same
    • For players who played in both eras or only in the new era, their ID is the new ID
    • For example, Akili Smith (ID: 00-0015082) and Alex Smith (ID: 32013030-2d30-3032-3334-3336b638d37d) are both abbreviated as “A.Smith” but can be distinguished by their IDs, with Akili showing what the old format ID looks like, and Smith the new one
    • Standardization is realized by using an ID map available in the data repo
  • clean_pbp() now removes all variables it is about to create to make sure nothing unexpected can happen


  • Added minimum version requirements to some package dependencies because installation broke for some users with outdated packages

  • Made a minor bug fix to catch more out-of-order plays and fixed a bug where some plays were being incorrectly dropped in older seasons

  • Standardized team names (e.g. SD –> LAC) in some columns we had missed

nflfastR 2.1.0


  • Removed week from Expected Points models along with an update of vignette("nflfastR-models") and vignette("examples")


  • Added function update_db() which adds all completed games to a SQLite database
  • Added function calculate_win_probability()
  • Added new examples to vignette("examples") demonstrating the usage of the above mentioned functions


  • Fixed a problem with inconsistent data types of the variable drive_real_start_time pre and post 2011
  • Fixed a problem where some game_ids were overwritten during the play by play parsing
  • Fix some more WP bugs on kickoffs with penalties and rare play description


  • fast_scraper() now loads the raw game data from a separate raw data repo
  • Completely overhauled the entire code base to directly implement tidy evaluation using .data from the rlang package (this is a major code change that takes some getting used to but we need it in preparation of a future release)

nflfastR 2.0.6

  • Fixed a problem where defensive two point conversions were not counted
  • Kneels on kickoffs are no longer counted as qb kneels
  • Variable yards_gained more precisely defined
  • Bugfixes for more games with out of order of plays
  • Fix bug related to EPA on plays with a failed pass interference challenge
  • Added new example to vignette("examples") to demonstrate Expected Points calculator calculate_expected_points()
  • Fix for WP on 2-pt conversion negated by penalty
  • Add more variables (containing team names) to team standardization in clean_pbp()
  • Fix WP for onside kicks

nflfastR 2.0.5

  • Fix yet another bug caused by NFL providing plays out of order
  • Fix bugs related to penalties on PATs and kickoffs
  • Fix bugs related to NFL providing wrong scoring team on defensive touchdowns in older games involving the Jaguars
  • Fix some minor issues related to wrong first_down_rush and return_touchdown
  • Improved error handling of fast_scraper() for not yet played games
  • Improved variable documentation and prepared for new website
  • Improved performance for dplyr v1.0.0
  • Rebuilt EP and WP models due to bugfixes in the underlying data in the versions 2.0.3, 2.0.4 and 2.0.5

nflfastR 2.0.4

  • Fix another bug with out of order plays
  • Fix bug affecting cumulative totals for WPA, air_WPA and yac_WPA
  • Fix bug affecting cumulative totals for air_EPA and yac_EPA

nflfastR 2.0.3

  • Fix for NFL providing plays out of order
  • Fix for series not incrementing following defensive TD

nflfastR 2.0.2

  • Fixed a bug in the series and series success calculations caused by timeouts following a possession change
  • Fixed win probability on PATs

nflfastR 2.0.1

  • Added minimum version requirement on xgboost (>= 1.1) as the recent xgboost update caused a breaking change leading to failure in adding model results to data

nflfastR 2.0.0


  • Added new models for Expected Points, Win Probability and Completion Probability and removed nflscrapR dependency. This is a major change as we are stepping away from the well established nflscrapR models. But we believe it is a good step forward. See data-raw/ for detailed model information.

  • Added internal functions for EPA and WPA to helper_add_ep_wp.R.

  • Added new function calculate_expected_points() usable for the enduser.


  • Completely overhauled fast_scraper() to make it work with the NFL’s new server backend. The option source is still available but will be deprecated since there is only one source now. There are some changes in the output as well (please see below).

  • fast_scraper() now adds game data to the play by play data set courtesy of Lee Sharpe. Game data include: away_score, home_score, location, result, total, spread_line, total_line, div_game, roof, surface, temp, wind, home_coach, away_coach, stadium, stadium_id, gameday

  • fastcraper_schedules() now incorporates Lee Sharpe’s games.rds.

  • The functions fast_scraper_clips() and fast_scraper_roster() are deactivated due to the missing data source. They might be reactivated or completely dropped in future versions.

  • The function fix_fumbles() has been renamed to add_qb_epa() as the new name much better describes what the function is actually doing.


  • Added progress information using the progressrpackage and removed the furrr progress bars.

  • clean_pbp() now adds the column ìd which is the id of the player in the column name. Because we have to piece together different data to cover the full span of years, player IDs are not consistent between the early (1999-2010) and recent (2011 onward) periods.

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

  • Fixed several bugs inhereted from nflscrapR, including one where EPA was missing when a play was followed by two timeouts (for example, a two-minute warning followed by a timeout), and another where play_type was incorrect on plays with declined penalties.

  • Fixed a bug, where receiver_player_name and receiver didn’t name the correct players on plays with lateral passes.

Play-by-Play Output

The output has changed a little bit.

The following variables were dropped
Dropped Variables Description
game_key RS feed game identifier.
game_time_local Kickoff time in local time zone.
iso_time Kickoff time according ISO 8601.
game_type One of ‘REG’, ‘WC’, ‘DIV’, ‘CON’, ‘SB’ indicating if a game was a regular season game or one of the playoff rounds.
site_id RS feed id for game site.
site_city Game site city.
site_state Game site state.
drive_possession_team_abbr Abbreviation of the possession team in a given drive.
scoring_team_abbr Abbreviation of the scoring team if the play was a scoring play.
scoring_type String indicating the scoring type. One of ‘FG’, ‘TD’, ‘PAT’, ‘SFTY’, ‘PAT2’.
alert_play_type String describing the play type of a play the NFL has listed as alert play. For most of those plays there are highlight clips available through fast_scraper_clips.
time_of_day Local time at the beginning of the play.
yards Analogue yards_gained but with the kicking team being the possession team (which means that there are many yards gained through kickoffs and punts).
end_yardline_number Yardline number within the above given side at the end of the given play.
end_yardline_side String indicating the side of the field at the end of the given play.
The following variables were renamed
Renamed Variables Description
game_time_eastern -> start_time Kickoff time in eastern time zone.
site_fullname -> stadium Game site name.
drive_how_started -> drive_start_transition String indicating how the offense got the ball.
drive_how_ended -> drive_end_transition String indicating how the offense lost the ball.
drive_start_time -> drive_game_clock_start Game time at the beginning of a given drive.
drive_end_time -> drive_game_clock_end Game time at the end of a given drive.
drive_start_yardline -> drive_start_yard_line String indicating where a given drive started consisting of team half and yard line number.
drive_end_yardline -> drive_end_yard_line String indicating where a given drive ended consisting of team half and yard line number.
roof_type -> roof One of ‘dome’, ‘outdoors’, ‘closed’, ‘open’ indicating indicating the roof status of the stadium the game was played in. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
The following variables were added
Added Variables Description
vegas_wp Estimated win probabiity for the posteam given the current situation at the start of the given play, incorporating pre-game Vegas line.
vegas_home_wp Estimated win probability for the home team incorporating pre-game Vegas line.
weather String describing the weather including temperature, humidity and wind (direction and speed). Doesn’t change during the game!
nfl_api_id UUID of the game in the new NFL API.
play_clock Time on the playclock when the ball was snapped.
play_deleted Binary indicator for deleted plays.
end_clock_time Game time at the end of a given play.
end_yard_line String indicating the yardline at the end of the given play consisting of team half and yard line number.
drive_real_start_time Local day time when the drive started (currently not used by the NFL and therefore mostly ‘NA’).
drive_ended_with_score Binary indicator the drive ended with a score.
drive_quarter_start Numeric value indicating in which quarter the given drive has started.
drive_quarter_end Numeric value indicating in which quarter the given drive has ended.
drive_play_id_started Play_id of the first play in the given drive.
drive_play_id_ended Play_id of the last play in the given drive.
away_score Total points scored by the away team.
home_score Total points scored by the home team.
location Either ‘Home’ o ‘Neutral’ indicating if the home team played at home or at a neutral site.
result Equals home_score - away_score and means the game outcome from the perspective of the home team.
total Equals home_score + away_score and means the total points scored in the given game.
spread_line The closing spread line for the game. A positive number means the home team was favored by that many points, a negative number means the away team was favored by that many points. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
total_line The closing total line for the game. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
div_game Binary indicator for if the given game was a division game.
roof One of ‘dome’, ‘outdoors’, ‘closed’, ‘open’ indicating indicating the roof status of the stadium the game was played in. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
surface What type of ground the game was played on. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
temp The temperature at the stadium only for ‘roof’ = ‘outdoors’ or ‘open’.(Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
wind The speed of the wind in miles/hour only for ‘roof’ = ‘outdoors’ or ‘open’. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
home_coach First and last name of the home team coach. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
away_coach First and last name of the away team coach. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
stadium_id ID of the stadium the game was played in. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)
game_stadium Name of the stadium the game was played in. (Source: Pro-Football-Reference)